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InHouse Progesterone testing

Determining the correct time for Insemination
Monitoring levels in Bitches that may lose the pregnancy due to low Progesterone.
Determining the correct time to do a Caesarean to optimise Puppy viability

Semen Analysis

Semen Concentration, Motility and Progression

Artificial Insemination

Vaginal Insemination
Transcervical Insemination (TCI)
Surgical Insemination

Ultrasound Pregnancy diagnosis

Ultrasound pregnancy diagnosis at day 24-30days

Pregnancy X Rays

X Rays to calculate litter size at Day 55

Ultrasound Foetus monitoring

Heart rate monitoring in late pregnancy

Caesarean Section

We use Progesterone levels and Ultrasound Foetal Heart rate monitoring to help determine the timing of elective Caesareans for optimal outcomes

Bitch and Puppy care

We may give the Bitch injections before a Caesarian to increase the puppy viability and increase her milk production.
Nutritional, Worming and Vaccination care for Bitches and Puppies.

Canine Reproduction

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